We are currently speaking with potential partners and sponsors for our 2014 event. Please email Tarek Ghobar if you are interested in joining us. FailCon Netherlands attracts over 200 founders and investors from around the Europe, all seeking solutions to potential failure points they may encounter. We are happy to work within your budget to help you teach our audience how you can help them succeed.

2014 Sponsors include:

We connect global and local, small and large partners from the private, public and academic sectors. The split across the three sectors is approximately 50% business, 30% academic and 20% public and not for profit. Across Europe, there are 12 hubs of activity across 10 countries. These are organised through national centres each managed by a director, and regional centres, collectively managed by a director and co-ordinated via a steering group. Our central office is based in London. We receive funding from academic and private sector partners as well as an annual grant from the European Commission through its European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT).

As a business incubator we seek to inspire and stimulate entrepreneurs with guts to build a successful company out of their business idea. We focuses on startups (scalable and innovative) in the IT sector. There is specific consideration for the following cross-overs: IT & Healthcare (e-health) | IT & Climate | IT & Education (e-learning). Our key activities are connecting, facilitating and offering startup expertise. We have an accelerator program and create the right environment for startups to grow and excel.

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