Below are some of the incredible speakers we have secured:

Hans Rekers

Director and founder of Rekers Management Consultancy

Hans is the Director and founder of Rekers Management Consultancy with 20 years experience in the corporate finance world. He has been instrumental in helping SME’s and startups in the Netherlands form great teams and tackle business decisions rationally. His added value at FailCon is in helping entrepreneurs understand the importance of emotional detachment from their ‘babies’, and not ignoring the signs that your team won’t work well together.

Daan Weddepohl

Founder of Peerby

his Peerby The World Keeps Turning. Peerby is an innovative platform - an app and website - which you can borrow and lend things and people around you. Fast and safe, because through the latest web trends - cloud technology, GPS and push notifications - and out of the hands of such as insurance, contracts and payment guarantees, helps Peerby you to consume less why a drill or stairs purchase for those few days a year when you can share? with multiple people The founder of the best practice of the sub-economy should not be left out in the Sustainable Young 100.

Gijsbert Koren

Managing partner of Douw and Koren

Gijsbert Koren is co-founder of Mooze Design, and Douw and Koren. He switched from design to business development and has a passion for creating companies with a sustainable impact.

Jan van Kranendonk

Co-founder of Sunuru

The co-founder of Sunuru, a spinoff of TUDelft and a promising venture within the solar energy innovation world. It was one of Jan’s first companies after more than a year of working on it as a graduation project. Once a very promising venture, Sunuru was wound up because the founders found out it might never be big. They returned investor and customer money back and shut down the operation. The added value at FailCon is to introduce the fail fast concept and to show the admiration you get if you fail right.

Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten

Founder of The Next Web

Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten is succesvol serial entrepreneur and co-founder of The Next Web. Drawing from his experience as an entrepreneur and internet enthusiast in general, Boris offers a lively and unique perspective on starting up companies, networking your way to fame and glory (and riches), innovation and current technology trends. He will be talking about the accidental successes and uinpredicatable failures in his long journey with entrepreneurship. @Boris

Floris van Alkemade

Co-founder of Solid Ventures

One of the most decorated investors in the Netherlands with experience in Silicon Valley startups. He has been active since 1998 in the investment world and together with his partners founded Solid Ventures focusing on ICT companies. Investors make mistakes too right? His angle at FailCon will be when investors mess it up, and how to make it right. @florisva

Niels ‘t Hooft

Founder of

A tech entrepreneur with a passion for gaming. He founded GameSen, the first major Dutch games website, and n3, a print magazine about Nintendo. He later founded and was editor-in-chief of games website Niels pulled the plug on in 2012 after almost 7 years, and they tried everything! He will be sharing the journey and what he learnt in all this time. (Photo: Emiel Elgersma)

Janneke Niessen

CIO and co-founder of Improve Digital

Janneke is Chief Innovation Officer and co-founder of Improve Digital. She is the driving force behind the company’s 360 Platform. She is mentor at Startup Bootcamp and Board Member at IAB Europe. She is an angel investor, board member and regularly speaks at events about digital media and entrepreneurship. She started her career 15 years ago as online media director at the first Dutch online media agency. Janneke went on to co-found DQ&A – an ad operations company with worldwide offices. She is also author of, and contributor to books about online media and has lectured on the subject at Amsterdam and Leuven universities, and has been chairman of the taskforce automated trading of IAB.

Paul Iske

Professor of Open Innovation at Maastricht University

As a professor of Open Innovation at Maastricht University, Prof. Paul is always interested in making people more entrepreneurial. He recognized that a big part of this effort is to show that failure in business is only part of the process and the more you embrace it the better you will learn. He set up the Institute of Brilliant Failures and will be talking about his experience and trends he has seen in failed ventures.