Prepare For and Avoid Common Startup Mistakes

You aren’t a real entrepreneur until you’ve had to deal with failure, and recovering from it – financially emotionally and practically – can be challenging. Hear how entrepreneurial leaders have dealt with failure while keeping a positive and tenacious attitude.  In March of 2014, we're hosting our inaugural European event in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Whether you’re a successful founder, or just getting started, this event is not to be missed, and will define how the industry approaches failure.

Our speakers include:

Hans Rekers
Director & founder of Rekers Management Consultancy
Daan Weddepohl
Founder of Peerby
Gijsbert Koren
Managing partner of Douw and Koren
Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten
Founder of The Next Web
Floris van Alkemade
Co-founder of Solid Ventures
Niels ‘t Hooft
Founder of
Janneke Niessen
CIO and co-founder of Improve Digital
Prof. Paul Iske
Professor of Open Innovation at Maastricht University
Jan van Kranendonk
Co-founder of Sunuru